The $120000 BANANA IS coming to the metaverse!


Our mission

The art!

In 2019 The Italian artist Maurizio Cattelan made the most controversial art in the world! A banana duct-taped to a wall! It was sold for 120000$!

In 2022, inspired by Maurizio our art team digitalized it! On top of that we will build the Biggest and Coolest Metaverse Gallery. Become a part of our mission and let`s Take over the Metaverse!

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It`s time for the Bored Apes to find their BANANA ART!


  • Each banana is unique and specially selected to participate in the exhibition. All duck- taped bananas are generated algorithmically from 333 unique traits, such as cryptos, frames, neons, and much more. All bananas are fantastic, but some are quite rare and unique.

  • Banana Art Club is a collection of unique NFT tokens (300) issued on a smart contract (ERC-721) on the Ethereum blockchain.

  • We are for a fair price. The price is now determined by the holders on the open market.

  • The uniqueness of bananas is confirmed by a smart contract (ERC-721) on the Ethereum blockchain.

  • 30% of secondary sales will be donated to Art Charity Organization (Art Fund_) .



Fill the form below and win 15 Days FREE exhibition of one of your NFTs, because you are getting onboard early!




Marketing Expert

With more than 10 years of experience in digital marketing and working for some of the most recognizable brands, @theso is providing our team with high value marketing strategies and innovative business ideas.


Blockhain and game developer

@Predator is a blockchain developer coding on Solity for 6 years now. He has experience of Android mobile games and PC games development. With him in our team, we are ready to conquer the metaverse.


Artist and designer

@Amanda is a graduate graphic designer and architect, who is always ready to try something new. Her art is amazing! She is the beauty of our team and contributes to the symbiosis in our relations.


The official date of our whitelisting round is April 15th at 12pm EST. 

The official date of our public sale round is April 16th at 12pm EST. 

BAC is an exclusive NFT collection of 300 NFTs,  representing the Banana Art Club. Every NFT holder will receive exclusive ownership rights, community voting rights and a share of “THE GALLERY” earnings on a monthly basis. You do not receive just an NFT , you are getting a share of working business in the metaverse. Holders will also be automatically whitelisted for the future NFT drops of the Banana Art Club.

Sandbox, Decentraland and Spatial are the main projects that we are focusing on now. Later on, we will expand the project to other blockchains such as Solana, Cardano, Polkadot and Ethereum Layer 2s.